Super Stealball is a crazy sports-like game in which players compete for the control of a ball. Ragdolls fly around in low gravity dribbling and tackling opponents in order to keep the ball of their color. Featuring many levels, lots of different arenas, customizable gameplay, 1vs1 matches or up to 4 ragdolls rumble, and a multiplayer mode that will blast you away!

Download the Free Demo:

Super Stealball for Windows (3.1MB)
Super Stealball for Macintosh (3.3MB)

Super Stealball is Shareware:

If you like Super Stealball, you can purchase the full version. This will allow you to complete all levels in single player mode, play custom mode, unlock all options in multiplayer mode and much more.

Payment is handled by Share-it, our authorized reseller, through a secure web site. You will receive your registration code (serial number) immediately after purchasing. Just type the code in the "register" screen in the game to unlock the full version.

Notice: future updates are free for registered users. Please conserve your registration number as you might need it for future updates.