About Rag Doll Software

Rag Doll Software is really a single person, Matteo Guarnieri, a game developer based in Venice, Italy.

For any question or comment regarding our games, feel free to contact me by e-mail at matteo@ragdollsoft.com. You can also post comments and ask questions in our Facebook page for non-personal matter (tips on how to play a game etc.).


As a single developer, we cannot compete with the big corporations in terms of graphics, features and polish. However in our opinion, the thing that mostly counts when playing a game is the "fun" factor, the enjoyment that comes from catchy gameplay.

While the big companies cannot risk having a product that does not work, and therefore rely on well tested schemes (yet another racing game, yet another first person shooter), indie developers are more and more giving up on innovation and targeting the "casual" market, hence the invasion of boring match-3 clones.

Here at Ragdollsoft we always try to produce something new, in some way or another. While this may end up in many projects that ultimately don't work (and believe me, we made lots of them), those that do make us proud. They make us feel "innovators" :-)

Why Buy?

When you purchase one of our games, not only you are getting the full version with all the goodies and all the features. You are also supporting original, independent game development. Thank you for your support!

Purchasing Information

You can purchase all of our games from our reseller Share-it. After you purchase a game, Share-it will send you your personal registration code (serial number) that will enable you to play the full version of the game. Just type your code in the game's "register" screen to unlock the full version.