Ragdoll Masters is an experiment in the world of 2D beat 'em' ups with the use of ragdoll physics. In this game you control a stylized martial arts master, making his way through stronger and stronger opponents with spectacular moves and impressive blows. It features some of the most sophisticated physics ever used in 2D games and plenty of other neat effects.

Download the Free Demo:

Ragdoll Masters for Windows (5.9MB)
Ragdoll Masters for Macintosh (6.0MB)

Ragdoll Masters is Shareware:

If you like Ragdoll Masters, you can purchase the full version. This will allow you to complete all 20 levels, access all the options and much more.

Payment is handled by Share-it, our authorized reseller, through a secure web site. You will receive your registration code (serial number) immediately after purchasing. Just type the code in the "register" screen in the game to unlock the full version.

Notice: future updates are free for registered users. Please conserve your registration number as you might need it for future updates.


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Fun-Motion.com: "Despite its simplistic controls Ragdoll Masters does a great job of crafting an engaging entertainment experience. Itís a solid implementation of a 2D ragdoll fighting game and a definite bargain at $9.95. Give it a try!"

Download.com editor's review: "At the low price of $9.95, it's pretty easy to recommend this game, and it's definitely worth checking out because of its unique and surprisingly addictive gameplay."

MacObserver.com: "From a cathartic point of view, the title is just about perfect. Not the kind of thing you'd sink several continuous hours into, but the perfect way to kill a quick 10 minutes, Ragdoll Masters is worth its moderate US$9.95 registration fee, which unlocks all levels, play modes, options and removes its between-level nag screens."