Ragdoll Avalanche 3

Ragdoll Avalanche 3 (iPhone, iPad, Android)

Brand new version of the popular flash game, from the original author!

Dodge falling spikes with your ragdoll! Try to survive as long as possible while breakdancing your way through an ever increasing number of razor sharp spikes!

Ragdoll Masters

"Despite its simplistic controls Ragdoll Masters does a great job of crafting an engaging entertainment experience. It’s a solid implementation of a 2D ragdoll fighting game and a definite bargain at $9.95. Give it a try!"

-Matthew Wegner, Fun-Motion.com


"Following a classic side-scroller/platform jumper formula, N-Ball combines an ultra-realistic physics engine with an imaginative platform environment to make for one of the strangest, but most playable, games available in current Mac shareware."

-Chris Barylick, MacObserver.com

Super Stealball

Super Stealball is a crazy sports-like game in which players compete for the control of a ball. Ragdolls fly around in low gravity dribbling and tackling opponents in order to keep the ball of their color. Featuring many levels, lots of different arenas, customizable gameplay, 1vs1 matches or up to 4 ragdolls rumble, and a multiplayer mode that will blast you away!